Disruptive technologies - Shaping our digital future

Author : Delina ,  Innovations ,  26-11-2019

Disruptive technologies

Disruptive technologies will play a dominant role in shaping our digital future. Even though it could make several jobs and established markets obsolete, the numerous application of innovative methods is unavoidable in creating a better future for everyone. Let’s see what are the disruptive technologies that could potentially change the way we use to live in this world.

Artificial intelligence

AI is evolving over the years. Like we see in Stephen Spielberg’s sci-fi movie, the machine is learning very quickly than the previous prediction we made in the early periods of the 20th Century. Tech giants like Google and Tesla have already tested and succeeded and will be establishing self-driving cars commercially within a few years.

But artificial intelligence is been around for a very long time in simple applications such as spam filter in our inbox. Now AI is implemented in Video games as bots which represent fake players in games like Pubg Fortnite and many more AAA title games. Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and Samsung’s Bixby are examples of personal assistants in gadgets using artificial intelligence in their core.

Monotonous tasks can be replaced by smart algorithms if we consider AI at the lowest level. Advanced artificial intelligence is achieved by complex self-learning algorithms that are trained by AI experts. True artificial intelligence similar to a human mind is still a far fetched dream.

Augmented reality

Virtual reality is not something we haven’t heard about. Game companies are optimizing their products in accordance with virtual reality applications. Virtual reality headsets are going to be the future of gaming and other entertainment. A wide known application of AR in the game industry was unveiled after the success of the game Pokemon Go. Pokemon proved that people love AR applications.

3D Printing

Using this technology and implementing it with AI, we will be able to create numerous products that could benefit in the Medical industry. Prosthetic limbs are the best example of this. Veterans who lose their legs or other parts, children who are born with defective bone structure..etc will be able to lead a normal life using these technologies.

Internet of things

Imagine a world where you wake up in the morning, and say good morning to your virtual assistant and it parts the curtain sideways and open windows for you and turn on the lights, by the time you get into the kitchen after the morning routines you see your cup filled with your favourite coffee with the flavour you like, After you dress up and get out of the house your lights go off by themselves and doors locked by itself and your car seats has already heated before you get inside. Incredible right? This is just a simple application of IoT.

The main purpose of this technology is to make everyday life more easy and productive. Home automation systems are one of the simple examples of this. Smart devices are communicating with each other through wireless networks and exchanging data to perform everyday tasks like a human being.

Though these technologies will be going to change the world, security systems must be smart enough, else it may cause privacy leaks and unexpected behaviour. Just like the two sides of a coin, technologies have a good and useful side as well as a bad or evil side as well. It all depends on the way we use these innovations.

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