Mobile application development framework

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PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs for the platforms you care about. It is one of the first and fastest spreading tools to develop hybrid applications using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, without losing the advantages of native applications.

Ultimately, you can develop mobile applications using the Cordova/PhoneGap library for free.It costs nothing to download the library, and you can write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using any text editor you have available or are comfortable with. Even running the applications on a device emulator won't cost you anything, as they are also freely available for download.

In 2011, the PhoneGap codebase moved to an open source Apache Software Foundation project under the name Cordova. Adobe still distributes the library under the PhoneGap name. Essentially, both the PhoneGap and Cordova projects are the same and opensource.

A mobile application handled with superb efficiency by our team at Infocom to build mobile applications for mobile devices using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. The application which was commonly known as Phonegap was purchased by Adobe systems and rebranded in 2011. Our masterbrains are readily available to help you with the new software.