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Unity is a cross platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies.It is one of the top game engines that is used by number of developers across the world to develop 2D/3D games.You create game by manipulating objects in 3D and attaching various components to them.Even 2D games must be manipulated in 2D/3D. Scripts are written in C# , Boo or UnityScript and attached to 3D objects as components.


  • With the integration of different social media platform SDKs, Unity supports all the relevant features of the websites with consistency.
  • The unity graphical editor makes it easy to design, layout unity scenes, insert objects, scripts, light effects, etc. It reduces development time significantly.
  • Using C #, BOO or Javascript, actions and algorithms can be programmed with less difficulty. Unity 3D lets you use these three efficient languages to engineer an app.
  • Unity has a very low learning curve and can be adopted by the developers seamlessly due to the abundant Unity documentation. Multilingual texts and video tutorials are available that make it a great experience.
  • Unity scripting is uncluttered and straightforward that brings fast iteration and execution of the programming environment. It’s easy to use, debug and design simple co-routines.
  • With OpenGL graphics API, Unity offers incredible graphics across all platforms it supports.
  • You can easily and rapidly publish games on any platform. Developers only need to select a platform, press a ‘Build’ button, save the game and Unity 3D builds it.
  • Using Unity 3D, it becomes handy to track and deal with bugs, otherwise, developers have to do QA & testing separately for apps published on different platforms.
  • With Unity 3D, you can export a game to 17 different platforms including- iOS, Android, Windows, Web, Playstation, Xbox, Wii, and Linux.
  • Unity cross-platform game engine also helps to distribute the apps to the appropriate stores and track user analytics.
  • Development can be accelerated with the asset store. One can easily peruse a wealth of ready-made artworks, scripts, visual programming solutions, editor extensions and much more.
  • Unity facilitates smooth deployment of multiplayer games online with real-time interaction, chat, sharing scores, etc.
  • The single player game can be turned to multiplayer game with few changes in the existing code and complexities of real-time networking are easy to negotiate.
  • Unity community comprises of forums, feedback, answers and issue tracker which provide developers a stage where they can share the knowledge, experience, have the discussion and sometimes, may even get the help.