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Our company is blessed with talents who have the experience and skillset to combine most modern and effective project development methodologies and project management tools to deliver what our clients has imagined. We as a web application development company will deliver what has been promised to our clients with impeccable quality and stability.

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This how we are able to perfectly construct our work flow,

Infocom software has been successful owing to one thing. We have always focused to move along with time. For that to be possible there are certain guidelines and systematic procedures that ought to be followed


Technology has always given direction to mankind. We infocom software have embraced technology in a way that the solution we provide for our clients will avail all its features.

The technology we use to deliver cutting edge web apps are,

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript and JavaScript Frameworks

Server Side Scripting / Coding - Server Side Scripting is the type of code that is executed or interpreted by the web server.

Below are some common Server Side Scripting technologies:

  • PHP
  • ASP
  • JavaScript using Server-side JavaScript
  • Java Server pages

Web Application Frameworks

There are a plethora of web application frameworks that are at the disposal. Choosing the most advanced and stable one is the key in the success of any web app development company. We, Infocom software have chosen some of the best frameworks to develop your web apps that will be rich in features and can be scalable in accordance with the need of our customers.

Frameworks are a boon to web development industry. They help developers to build app or websites within a short span of time. They act as bridges that will help a developer code faster and easier. Be it custom built internal framework or free available ones they have much more advantage rather than making it easier for web development.

  • They are secure, and to make sure of it there is a large online community who are always willing to help users to solve vulnerability issues.
  • Customization is the forte of frame works. Add-ons, themes, plugins, whatever it is framework allow developers to integrate useful features within a short span of time.

Web Applications Lifecycle Model

SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) used to be the benchmark for application development owing to its completeness. Even though SDLC covers most of the web development it didn’t cover one crucial factor that is need for short development time. In short, SDLC didn’t cover the complexity of web application development.

The need for better model lead to Web Application Life Cycle or Web Development Life Cycle (WDLC) which combined all the good traits of agile development model that’s in existence now. The main process involved in the process include,

  • Graphical Development: This step involves information gathering for designing the website
  • Analysis: This process involves analysing the information and documenting the requirements for website design.
  • Graphical Design: Developers create a website based on the information provided by the analysts and designers
  • Functional Design: In these process developers creates prototype for each components on the website.
  • Implementation: The prototype website is tested on a server
  • Maintenance: It’s is a never ending process in the whole cycle.

Web Application Development Process

We, Infocom software understand the importance of web apps in the current business scenario. A web app is constructed mainly on a three-tiered development model by considering users, business and data services. The detail process involves.

  • Constructing a roadmap: Establishing the purpose and goals of web apps is done in this process.
  • Targeting the correct audience: With the help of an analytical report the correct audience for the web app can be identified.
  • Detailed Functional Specifications: The most significant document about specifications is created in this process.
  • Selecting the correct technology: In this stage correct platform, environment testing facility, framework etc. are selected
  • Layout, interface and Wire Framing: Virtual sample of the UI (User Interface is created in this process.
  • Development: Developers get together to create
  • Testing: QA and bug fixing are done in this process.

Web Application Testing

Testing is the most important aspect of web app development. Before making a app live potential threats and bugs has to be fixed to ensure maximum user experience.

The most prominent testing procedures that are followed by our company are,

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Interface Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Production Monitoring
  • Browser Compatibility Testing

Business Impact

User Experience (UX) is the crucial factor in deciding success of any business. For better UX any business form has to mark their online presence in helping their customers. For that to happen web apps are essential and the most important aspect of any business.

The main advantage of web apps in business perspective includes,

  • They are easily manageable
  • Web apps can automate almost all the aspect of your business
  • The cost of your business can be considerable reduced
  • Updates for the software are at disposal easily
  • They can reach targeted audience across the globe.

Worried about the online presence of your business? Let’s get rid of it once and for all with our custom web apps.

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