The usage of mobile phones has increased dramatically since the introduction of Android OS, which is a Linux based operating system. This is due to the fact that this operating system is very user-friendly and one of the reasons why people prefer android smartphones is because of the availability of applications. Google Playstore is more like a huge database now. Imagine an application that does a certain work you like. Now take your Android phone and search for that application. To your surprise, that application was already there. This is what makes android a huge success. Any kind of application is possible there.


Android studio is the official IDE for development which replaced Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT). Even though it was introduced in May 2013, its first stable build was released in 2014. With the introduction of Android studio, the exporting and uploading of Android package Kit on playstore became very handy and easy. This tool is widely available for Windows, Mac and Linux based systems.

  •   Timely up-gradation
  •   Intelligent understanding of the altered codes and change will be applied without the need for restarting.
  •   Intelligent code suggestions in a drop-down list.
  •   Faster booting of the created application makes it easy for verification.
  •   Testing of the prototype application on Phones, Tablets and Android TVs.
  •   Supports Github for team coordination.
  •   Availability of code templates.
  •   Supports C/C++ project files and cloud platform.

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