PHP Nuke

PHP Nuke Development

It is a content management system written by Francisco Burzi and it is one of the best-automated news publishing systems based on PHP and SQL. It has a web-based user interface that is used to control the system. Accompanied by the Apache web server, Nuke uses the best combination of PHP and MySQL. Adding add-on modules helps integrate other languages like Javascript, Flash, etc. The whole code used in Nuke is validated by W3C to check if Nuke is of its standards. The style sheets are also validated to check compliance with W3C’s suggestions. Since it is highly customizable users of nuke can customize it according to their likeness and requirements. The only limitation in Php-Nuke will be the ability of the designer to take advantage of the high customizability of the platform. If the designer or the developer is creative enough, then they can create incredible unique designs using Php-Nuke.

There are so many websites that are developed using it, but most of them look almost the same because the designers or developers lack the knowledge on how to create unique designs using the tools and options available in Nuke. Starting from scratch is the best option to develop new designs rather than taking one as a reference and end up making a new one that looks exactly the same as the reference design. We have a dedicated team of designers and developers who are experts in platforms such as PHP-Nuke. We already served hundreds of clients across the globe over the past decade. Our design speciality is that we don’t take any designs and references, but we start from scratch and based on the type of industry our clients serve and characteristics of the products or services they offer, we develop exclusive designs that match the identity and personality of your brand. Our greatest strength is our portfolio where we show all the incredible work we have done for our precious clients across the globe.