IOS Game

IOS Game Development

IOS is somewhat similar to the android in the case of game development. There is no single platform for this purpose. Developers rely on different engines for creating a game. This is because the requirement is variable. Compared to Android, IOS games are pretty much limited. One of the reasons behind this issue is the scrutiny at the time of review. Unlike other companies, the game review is done by Apple’s existing employees. They don’t rely on contract workers since there are app review teams for this purpose and the work is manually done to improve the efficiency.

Game Engines


One of the highest-rated game engines around the globe that has an efficient and powerful visual editor. Unity is known for its simplicity, pricing, and functionality which is why it has conquered the gaming industry. This multi-platform engine was released in 2005 at a developers' conference. Apart from IOS game developing, unity is also used in web-based, desktop, and console games.


  •   Best for 2D games
  •   Platform Enhancement
  •   Realtime mixing and mastering of Audio
  •   Animation


Yeah! It's exactly as it sounds. It's unreal and powerful and we might think why this hype for an engine. It's because they have marked their territory in the field of gaming since the UE4 conference. They are all about graphics and virtualization. This masterpiece was developed by Epic Games in 1997 using C++ and they have started with the PC platform and worked the way to the PlayStation, IOS, Xbox, Steam, Linux, Mac, etc.


  •   Robust multiplayer framework
  •   Extensive animation tool-kit and VFX Quality
  •   Flexible Material Editor

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