Game Art & Design


These are technically the ‘cousins’ of developers in the family of Game Development as it’s one of the major factors for an excellent game. It can be defined as the process of building artistic effects using but not limited to digital art creation software. Depends on the complexity of the art, the artist may need to use conventional methods such as pencil and paper. These artists work closely with the developers, designers etc. It may sound easy. But there are times when there is a need for many artists and the way they portray an image will have a huge influence on the overall quality of the game. There are different types of arts such as-

  Concept Art - Concept of the game

  Character Art - Designing the character

  Environment Art - Building the world and environment

  Lighting Art - Giving colours and life to the arts

  3D Modelling - Creating 3D designs

  Effect Art - Gives effects to existing arts

One of the first game artist Shigeru Miyamoto designed the 2D Mario character and by the mid 90s, 3D games came into existence which paved the way to complex game arts. Infocom Studios provides exceptional art and design services for casual games, Augmented Reality games, Virtual Reality games, apps and simulators. We extend our services to designing the storyboards, the in-game concepts such as people, world, vehicles, production etc. Our expert artists and designers also excel in designing the levels with applicable in-game content integration on all the genre of games.