E-learning Game

E-learning Game Development

Up until the early 2000’s, learning was something which includes some students and a teacher who led the system. Then happened the internet and it was a revolution which resulted in e learning. It's nothing but a system which is not that different from conventional learning, but with the help of electronic sources. Classrooms and physical tutors are replaced by computers and the internet which is the major source for e-learning. Previously this system was not fully accepted by the people since it lacked a physical staff which is the human element. But think about it. Apart from the physical factor, imagine the huge number of students who can actually do a course sitting comfortably at home. Books are rapidly replaced by electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. and the contents are available 24/7 which is an added advantage for the students who are doing part-time. But are students the only one who is benefiting? No. MNC’s and corporates fully adopted this method for conducting training sessions for the employees. It’s a fact that the human brain can easily remember the things which are seen through motion pictures or videos and those memories will be stored for a longer period of time.

Then comes the next generation of e-learning which is via games. It’s even easier than conventional e learning methods and its fun too. Imagine the idea of learning by playing games. Sounds interesting right. Is it possible? Yes. To be specific, it’s been years since the transition. Usually these kinds of games are preferred by kids, but there is no age limit since the contents can be altered.

Advantages of E-learning Games

  •   High motivation and controlled competition
  •   Peer positivity and fun
  •   Less expensive and effectives
  •   They help setup engaging scenarios
  •   Healthy evaluation

It’s pretty clear that you are interested in e-learning using games. I mean it’s obvious that this kind of games are the next big thing. So stop scrolling and start rolling. Infocom software has years of experience in building fun learning games and apps.