Sports Betting

Sports Betting Development

Betting is something that’s always been around and people like earning some money from their areas of expertise through betting. It’s more like an entertainment medium that lures people to spend their time and challenge themselves to test their prediction skills. Advancements in technology have enabled betting to migrate to online platforms so that people from different parts of the world can participate in the process. This created a number of business opportunities in this field for sports betting publishers. According to surveys, more people across the world are participating in sports betting since the applications are now available across mobile devices. We develop interactive sports betting apps in multiple sports genres. Our apps allow its users to watch matches in real time and place bets accordingly. So, in the end, you can enjoy your favourite team’s match along with an opportunity to earn a handsome amount of money. We specialize in the following categories of sports betting software.

Types of Sports Betting Applications

Horse racing betting applications

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most popular entertainment activities for centuries. So the popularity of horse racing and public interest remains constant even in this modern era. In order to leverage this trend, we create interactive horse racing betting software that attracts more audience to this platform and thereby create more revenue for your business.

Cricket betting applications

Cricket is another sport admired by millions worldwide. Since it has a vast amount of audiences worldwide, betting and revenue generation opportunities are equally the same. Our sophisticated solutions let its users enjoy and earn within the comfort of their homes.

Soccer betting applications

Soccer is the most preferred sport in the world. It is also called football in many regions of the world. With billions of fans worldwide there is an endless opportunity for revenue through betting for soccer matches. We create applications that allow viewers to seamlessly watch soccer games and cheer for their favourite team and participate in betting and earn money as well.

Our applications are feature-rich and secure to ensure a rich user experience throughout the application. We store the match information in secure servers and notify participants according to the match schedule. We integrated live feed into our applications so that users can watch the matches and keep track of the progress and can make changes to their bets in real-time. We use 128bit SSL encryption to secure the payment gateways so that scammers can’t enter into the system and steal participant’s information. Social share integration allows you to share your bets online with your friends and family. Real-time analytics lets you check and select the best bets.