Bingo Game

Bingo Game Development

The Bingo game is one rock star among the number of games because of its ease of playing, the variations and its reach among the people. Playing Bingo is all about having fun and socialize with people and this game is purely a luck based probability game so that even without further knowledge any newbie would win. This is also one of the reasons why it's the people’s favorite. This game was first introduced in Italy in the year 1530 as a lottery game. Bingo was formerly known as Beano in the 1900s and Edwin S. Lowe a toy salesman accidentally heard someone saying that name and with the help of a Mathematics professor, he increased the number of combinations that lead to the origin of Bingo. The following are the different types of Bingo

  •   90 –Ball Bingo – This is the conventional version of Bingo and the most traditional one
  •   Speed Bingo – This is a faster version of the Bingo. Games last about a minute maximum
  •   Deal or No Deal Bingo – In this whoever wins gets a mystery box with a random figure/offer and the banker chooses either to win the prize
  •   Roll on Bingo – This is the longest kind of Bingo which includes multiple full house winners
  •   Lucky Numbers Bingo - From the three lucky numbers you choose to match it with the ball of your choice
  •   75 Ball Bingo – This is played by using 75 balls instead of 90
  •   Pattern Bingo – Filling the pattern of the card to win the game