Prestashop Development

This platform came into existence in 2007 as a tool for building e-commerce stores. Developed by Bruno Leveque, this freemium tool is used by 250,000 small to large businesses around the globe. Since it's an open-source tool, the freedom of customization is huge and this could really help in building a store that is unique (obviously what we all need!). Prestashop has a wide range of themes which are more than 1500 templates (including paid ones) for making the store much more related to the niche segment. On this platform, there is no limit in featuring the products and their descriptions which include the expiration date for the time-sensitive products. Inventory management is one of the key features in the Prestashop tool which helps in managing inventory and provides restocking alerts. Moreover, ranking on Google is very crucial for these websites. So this tool has Google Rich Snippets in the add-on store which can improve your store’s reach and visibility.

The marketing tools Presta offers

  •   Special offers
  •   Email marketing
  •   Discounts
  •   Shipping categories
  •   Free coupon codes
  •   Gift wraps
  •   Affiliate Modes

Since customers are the lifelines of these businesses, the store needs to keep up with them. For this purpose, Presta offers email automation after a transaction to give them confidence. Setting up a store is complicated in Presta. But it's definitely worth building. That’s why we, Infocom Software, provide seamless Prestashop online store building services for you which is time-saving, quality rich and affordable.