Brain Game

Brain Game Development

Even before the Digitalisation, Brain games existed way before other conventional games. The idea was to mentally prepare the people in a fun and easy way. These types of games are challenging and it could be very helpful if someone wants to pass the time. There are different levels of brain games ranging from amateur to intermediate. Brain games could lead to increased perception, concentration, word reflex and considering the long road, it will enhance the mental ability. On the contrary, there were arguments about the effectiveness of brain games. Studies were not actually stable since the subjects were from different geographies and the skills were different. But recently there was a study considering similar subjects and it was proved that these types of mentally challenging games considerably improve the perception. Here are a few examples of Brain Games.


This one is by far the trickiest numerical, logical game that had so much impact on the people who spend more time indoors. This game got its widespread fame in the 1980s, even though it was created in 1979 by Howard Garns and published in Dell pencil puzzles. Sudoku is a Japanese word for a single number (Su – Number, Doku – Single). But it was created in Switzerland.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are tessellating pieces of pictures or arts that require assembling to make it complete. It was created in 1760 by a mapmaker John Spilsbury. The modern Jigsaw puzzles are made mostly of cardboard and currently, it can also be played using mobiles. All we need to do is to drag the missing pieces to the required position.


Sounds very familiar right. That’s true! This is one the Rambo of puzzle games and luck doesn’t play a role in completing this one. Without clear knowledge, completing a crossword is literally impossible and playing this often leads to an increase in knowledge.

At Infocom Software, we develop challenging brain games for all age groups in a short timeframe that are fun and informative which can be played both offline and online. The gaming solutions provided by us are seamless and it can be integrated or installed without ease. We believe in quality rather than quantity.