Opencart development

Opencart Development

Opencart is another popular e-commerce management platform with lots of customizable options. It is a fully-fledged framework with integrated shopping store functionalities. Open cart’s user interface is developer-friendly so it is easy to set up with the vast number of free online modules that are available. These additional plugins give additional capabilities to Opencart’s already fully equipped system. Users can download, install and customize those modules according to their requirements. You can even create your own modules in order to personalize the framework to work according to your likeness. OpenCart comes built-in with marketing tools to help you out in analyzing your business’s growth and take necessary actions to improve it. Similar to any other platform OpenCart has support for many payment gateways. OpenCart is also a multi-language supported framework. So you can take orders from customers across the globe.

We can integrate payment gateways with payment processing systems such as Paypal and Razorpay so that you can receive payments from international customers seamlessly. The built-in tax calculator accurately calculates complex tax rates for you. OpenCart has an inbuilt backup and restores module which can be used to restore databases if anything unexpected happens. Schedule backup routines so that you will be on the safer side of catastrophic events. Reporting modules will alert if any system error happens and saves everything in the log file to debug it afterwards. We create ready to launch exclusive storefronts within clients’ budgets and requirements. Our storefronts are SEO friendly so that it won’t be a challenging task to rank for your targeted keywords in search engines. Our dedicated team will perform required maintenance to keep your store healthy and functional. Our greatest strength is our acquired expertise by serving hundreds of clients worldwide. The whole development process is documented starting from the design phase until the handover of the project with a documented user manual. We are always open to your queries in case you need assistance along the way.