Educational Game Development

Educational Game Development

It’s all about game-based education or otherwise known as educational gaming. We are living in the 21st century. A century of people who thrives to learn day by day. Throughout the generation, people found multiple numbers of ways to learn things and it's getting easier. Conventional methods of education are not at all encouraged for children since it’s all about ‘Visual Attractiveness’ that attracts them. That’s when the idea struck. Educational Games! Information through interactive games makes it interesting in such a way that kids love to learn. They idolized animated characters growing up and kids listen to advice from these stars rather than obeying their parents. So what if characters like Tom & Jerry explain educational stuff in a funny playful way. Not only it grabs the attention of the kids, but also they will learn effectively. At the same time, some games can cause mental disturbances and affect their actions towards problems. So it is necessary for the kids to only indulge in quality games rather than going for games with violence. Educational games are a mixture of education and entertainment which is also called edutainment. We in Infocom Software, develop quality educational games in no time that are addictive and challenging which can substitute boring conventional learning methods. The gaming solutions provided by us are seamless and it can be integrated or installed without ease. We believe in quality rather than quantity.

Different types of Edu-Games include

  •   Combat Game – Increases the concentration
  •   Maze Games – Critical thinking ability
  •   Sports Games– Improves anger management
  •   Strategy Games – Improve strategic thinking
  •   D & D (Dungeons and Dragons) Game - Reasoning skills
  •   Interpersonal Games – Interpersonal skills

Let’s find out some other benefits of Edu Gaming

  •   Increased concentration from playing first-person shooters like archery
  •   Faster perception through observation
  •   It helps improve memory capacity
  •   Helping individuals who lack attention
  •   Drastic changes in the hand-eye coordination
  •   Improves problem-solving capacity