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Our experts at Infocom Software will build you the best easy-to-use weblog and website with the simple and no-frills Radiant CMS Development. Our expertise develops easy to handle commercial and personal blog with the best CMS framework. The Radiant CMS, written in Ruby on Rails is one of the best free CMS software. With enhanced features, content management system (CMS) is the best for non-technical user. While the Rails-based CMS is gaining good popularity, the two PHP ports they use are Frog CMS and the Wolf CMS. The lightweight core library that comes with the extensions provides additional customized functionality. The add-on features of the Radiant CMS makes it simple to function.

Admin Interface
  •   Pages
  • Radiant arranges the pages in a hierarchy. The major part of the content are incorporated in the pages. It may also include numerous page parts such as the sidebar and so on.

  •   Layouts
  • Similar to a template one gets to see a general look of the page with the layouts. After the completion of the page creation, it can be inserted into a selected layout.

  •   Snippets
  • Snippets help in easier page creation since these are the contents that can be used again and anywhere in a project.

Radiant CMS Development Features

Page caching

The caching mechanism of Radiant CMS reserve and it caches the content for 5 minutes. Our expertise at Infocom Software ensures that it provides a top performance level while enabling or creating unique content.

Constructed on Ruby on Rails

Radiant CMS is built on the leading web application development platform Ruby on Rails. And hence, it is plain sailing for our expert developers at Infocom Software, who gives a professional approach.

Language in the Radiant

With a different set of macro language called Radius, the Radiant CMS adds content from different pages and also repeats over the page children. Content on conditions is further visible.

Suitable structure for websites

Arrange the web pages according to your grading, Radiant offers suitable options. Creating a weblog in the Radiant is very easy and simple, much the same as assortment child pages in the parent page.