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Board Game Development

Infocom Software is a leading board game development company with core development in India and other services spread across the globe. Our unique strategy on developing board games make them the most wanting games on the list. The development is made best on both android and iOS platforms. All the expectations regarding a board game are well served by our developers. The current trending in the category is understood and implemented on the games so that people find it worth to invest their fun gathering time. Our main motive is to generate quality games which could be played well on multiple platforms without any discomforts. We develop 2D and 3D forms of board games accessible by porting on to supportive gaming consoles. The main challenge to tackle is the process of creating a quality game at an affordable rate. Infocom Software, through its years of experience, has learned to provide its clients with the best service at a reasonable cost.

The board games effectively utilize the time of gatherings with mutual engagements and conversations. The real-time experience provided creates a bond among people who interact with each other regarding various aspects included in the game. A well-designed board game with the potential to bring out human characteristic of bonding is something which even serves the community. We consider it as our responsibility and an opportunity to serve by creating an innovative product which could make an engagement among people. The time has come and this is the perfect place where you could create a board game which has a different face adapted to the modern world and updated with the latest technologies.

Best Multiplayer Control

We as experts in User Experience (UX) design works, our products have undoubtedly the best UX designs. The quality we provide in our gaming interface will be no match for any other game in this range of category.

Latest designs

The games are made with an innovative mindset adding creative ideas which are key factors making your game the most engaging and interacting. We practice brainstorming regularly in our company to make our developers think and create the best.

Affordable production

Our arcade games are made less sophisticated to provide smooth handling for its users. The easy navigation and control help to involve its users for a very long time

Platform support

The games are tested by a quality assurance team who identifies if there are any bugs to be fixed. Only after the repeated testing process, the game is being certified as a quality assured product.

Bug fixing

The games are best made to fit on any gaming consoles with maximum user satisfactory features. The adaptability we provide on our games allows its users to achieve the most out of it.

Live assistance

Our wide community of developers and gaming enthusiast conduct regular discussions and conferences to improve the methodologies used to develop a game. We welcome new ideas which could bring out a new phase of improvement in the gaming community.