Xcart development

Xcart Development

X-Cart is another PHP based shopping cart software used for an e-commerce website. It supports SQL as the database to develop fully-fledged e-commerce solutions. Developers prefer X-cart because it has so many useful and customizable features such as beautiful design templates, responsiveness, ease of use and best of all it is open source. Talented professionals are required to take the full advantages and functionalities of the Xcart since it is highly customizable according to the identity and branding strategy of the business. So your website will showcase your brand’s signature style throughout the website. we are fully dedicated to giving the best shopping experience for your site visitors. Similar to Wordpress, Xcart offers hundreds of themes and addon modules that are fully customizable based on the content which is to be shown in the container.

Xcart’s webmaster mode makes customization easy using its drag and drop feature. You can also change the placements of info blocks in this way as well. In this mode, you don’t have to write a single line code, just drag and drop the templates you want to the places you want them to be. If you don’t want the drag and drop feature you can disable them as well. But it is a bit difficult if you are a total beginner in this platform. Our expertise will definitely benefit you to boost your brand value and business opportunities through your website. Our Mission is to help clients to do more business using the effective tools and customizations available in the X-cart platform. Creating a strong online presence will create a positive impact on your brand’s familiarity among your targeted audiences and thereby more conversions as well. Highly customizable templates and other integrations offered by the Xcart makes it easy and efficient to analyze and manage your transactions. Xcart offers SSL encryption for secure transactions that will encrypt user input data such as transaction details and login details which include passwords, credit or debit card details etc.