Shopify development

Shopify Development

Shopify is the most popular and most preferred e-commerce platform that is used to create and manage online e-commerce stores. The biggest advantage is its ease to use user interface. Anyone can create their own storefront seamlessly with the help of built-in tutorials and story blocks. There are more than 100+ templates that come built-in with the Shopify. Not just the creation of storefronts, Shopify also has a plethora of useful features to analyze and improve your sales and return on investment. Similar to WordPress, Shopify has a built-in module to handle the SEO of the website seamlessly so that you don’t really have to hire a third party to handle the technical SEO aspects of your website. Not just SEO, email templates are also enabled so that you can reach out to your customers quick and easy. Shopify also gives you reports in order to analyze the sales and study your visitor’s behaviour, interesting products and retain engagement and remarketing to make previous purchasers stick with your store.

There are 70+ payment gateways available with support to credit cards and also PayPal integration. It automatically handles taxes and conversion rates according to the specific country the customer resides and alerts your customers about additional charges right away. Not just English, Shopify also supports many foreign languages. This enables customers beside your home country to purchase products from your site. There is a dedicated mobile cart available to customers who are browsing from their smartphones so that they could purchase right away using their phones themselves. You can remarket it to customers who have viewed and added an item to their cart but haven’t made a purchase by sending them engaging browser notifications or emails. In addition to all of these, Shopify has its own high-speed hosting service as well. Our team has created hundreds of Shopify storefronts for our clients across the world. Even though all Shopify developers work with the same set of tools and templates we always strive to create something fresh and unique to your business by using the powerful customizability of the platform.