Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis Services

Our experts at Infocom Software the best Search Engine Optimisation company in India, strategies every SEO campaign properly. Researching the competitors is an extremely important factor in SEO generation. Research and analysis of the competitor work are mandatory. What they do, how effectively they do, their keyword selections, the plan of attack and required budget are few of the aspects we look into while having a competitor analysis. While customizing the SEO our experts will make sure that we deliver a professional approach while we improve your online presence for your business. Minimize weaknesses and maximize the SEO strengths with our digital marketing experts at Infocom Software. Our expertise makes appropriate strategies and tactical decisions to understand the competitive landscape and hence this increases a faster progression in the lead generation and thereby generates an effective ROI.

Basic Competitor Analysis Aspects

Identification of the Primary Competitors

The websites that target the keywords that you intend to target are the primary competitors. An SEO competitor may not be from a similar business domain as of yours. For example, the services provided by health care can even compete against a government agency as well as websites delivering online medical information.

Competitors Keyword Strategy Evaluation

Understand what the competitor is trying to do and analyse how well it succeeds. For that, the primary step is to identify the target keywords in the service or product pages as well as on the home page. Find the current Google ranking position of these keywords and determine the average monthly search volume gained on Google for those keywords. A clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses can be identified using this information.

On-site Research

There are chances for your SEO campaign to gain traction more quickly. For instance, is a competitors website that is poorly optimized helps generate your SEO campaign. Also, you can catch up significant ground in google by creating a blog, and if your competitor lack one, then it will be an added advantage for you ratchet your website and hence to rank higher in the search engine.

Off-site Research

The off-site factors are other important factors that affect the SEO performance. The final piece of SEO competitive analysis is concluded with the number of off-site factors that affect SEO. Page authority, Domain authority, Indexed number of pages, Backlinks and other off-site contents.