Flash Game

Flash Game Development

Flash games! Getting nostalgic? These 2 words bring a lot of memories for the 90s kids when there was no GTX Titan or ROG out there. These web-based games were lifesavers for the kids who never got access to high-end consoles. From Runescape to Pine, the list of flash games crossover millions in a span of 30 years. Ever wondered why flash was special? Here are some of the specialties.

  •   Flash games are small and it doesn’t need much data
  •   Even the slowest dial-up connection could play these games
  •   A huge database of different genres
  •   Easy installation
  •   Option to minimize during gameplay and it's easy to adjust

What makes it different is that building in flash is easier and it's possible to create amazing arts in a short span of time. The developers start with the art rather than spending hours coding and since it takes few megabytes, it's convenient for uploading and downloading. These ‘click and play’ games can also be made as multiplayer and lately companies are advertising through it which is comparatively easier than other paid ads since there are millions of flash game users.

When you research further, it's pretty much convincing that most of the current console game ideas originated from these flash games, for example, Angry Birds, Clash of the clan, Tower Defense etc. The truth is if flash games never existed, there won't be many game developers today. So I guess you are pretty much interested in building a Flash game which can also be used to advertise products. All you have to do is set up the flash and start rolling and we, Infocom Software has years of experience in building quality flash games which could get you on top of the food chain.