Multiplayer Card Game

Multiplayer Card Game Development

Well, this one doesn’t need an introduction. Card games can’t be explained as such because it’s a broad spectrum. There are games created each and every day (it’s obvious because one way or another, each well-known card game is developed by some random person from a random place at a random time). These types of games are not limited to specific age groups or gender and it cannot be played alone so yeah! It’s a multiplayer maniac. What makes it addictive? It’s none other than the imperfection of unpredictability. It originated in Europe in the 14th century and its believed that it was through gypsies and traders who traveled often. It was in the 16th century the idea of Blackjack came into existence. It was one of the biggest revelations in the history of card games. And money betting, casino games came into existence in the next century and followed by rummy in the 1900s.


Undoubtedly the most played card game ever. The winner is decided on the basis of the combinations of cards the person possesses. Poker is played differently across the globe, but the original one stays intact. The game requires luck and psychological abilities.

Texas Hold’em

This game requires much more psychological moves and calculations and it’s one of the highly played card games. What makes it different from poker is that the player has the option to bet four times which makes is complex.


Otherwise known as 21 in casinos is all about gambling. This game is played against the dealer and it’s dealt with two multiple cards and the objective is to score 21 or lesser. Throughout the game, you have the option to ask for another extra card by saying hit. And you will lose the game if the total exceeds 21


In the world of card games, this one is famous for its uniqueness. This game all about the colors and the winner is decided by the sequential cards with Red and Black cards alternated with each other.

Here at Infocom Software, we develop competitive card games in a short span that are unbiased and challenging which can be played both offline and online. The gaming solutions provided by us are seamless and it can be integrated or installed without ease. We believe in quality rather than quantity.