JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework



AngularJS is an extensible and exciting new JavaScript MVC framework developed by Google for building well-designed, structured and interactive single-page applications (SPA). It lays strong emphasis on Testing and Development best practices such as templating and declarative bi-directional data binding.

  • It follows MVC framework.
  • AngularJS is primarily aimed to develop SPAs (Single Page Applications), it means your single HTML document turns into application. But it is also used a lot in ASP.NET and other web application technologies.
  • It allows you to write Unit and integration tests for JavaScript code. Testability is one of the main points, which was kept in mind while writing this framework so it has great support of it.
  • It provides its own and very rich list of attributes and properties for HTML controls which increases the usability of it exponentially. It is also called directives.
  • Supports two-way binding that means your data model and control’s data will be in sync.
  • Angular supports Dependency injection. Read more about dependency injection
  • Angular library is also available on CDN.

A JavaScript based web application framework with an open source front-end is being used by our adept team, who proudly claims their power and know-how, as this is not very commonly used by all companies except for Google and few others. It is often used to encounter challenges while developing single-page applications.