AR Game

AR Game Development

Infocom Software is a globally recognised company for Augmented Reality (AR) game development. The quality-assured games made at an affordable price range marks the significance of our brand worldwide. AR technology is the right combination of unrealistic components in the real world elements. An impact is made by an AR game only when the development is made by creative and technologically skilled hands. We have a well-established team of veteran AR game developers who possess the talent and acquired skills to bring the best in the modern gaming industry. The AR compatible features like Global positioning system, gesture recognition, 3D gaming programs are certain elements that enhance the performance level of the technology. Our designers have the potential to create the perfect ambience which beautifies the appearance of the game. Our support community is always happy to serve you with 24*7 live assistance on any queries regarding the development process.

The AR technology has taken over the entire digital market of apps and games. Most of the popular brands have effectively utilized the value of implementing this technology in their products. The technology being new to the users, it creates a curiosity among the people which helps in better marketing and conversions. It requires years of experience and knowledge for a team to implement AR packed features into a game making an impact. Infocom Software will deliver you with a game which has all the latest add on features to make it stand unique in the global space.

Advanced AR features

There are several update features on the AR platform as the requirement of different firms demands alterations in its implementation. We customize the game according to the game characteristics providing the right level of engagement to the user.

Made Simple

The AR lies somewhere between the sophistication of VR and the normal 2D interface. We optimize the intensity required for the development, making the interface simple and define for the user.

Worthy on Investment

The investment to be made for developing an AR game is usually considered as huge. We have a distinctive strategy to make your investments cost-effective and worthy.

On Multiple platforms

The gaming population is spread across different OS devices so we need to show our presence on multiple platforms. We create AR games for all platforms, especially for the Android and iOS devices.

Fitness Gaming

The AR technology not only gives you entertainment but also takes care of your fitness. Many AR-enabled we develop are well designed to maintain good health along with full pack entertainment.

AR on Education

The new phase of the education system is with the adaptation of these technologies. We create education apps that help the students and even small kids to understand and memorize the concepts thoroughly.