magento development

magento Development

Magento is one of the best e-commerce solutions which offers so many features and complete control over the website. It is completely scalable with excellent network support and offers a wide range of e-commerce services including hosting, customization, support and maintenance services. Magento is the best choice for B2B, B2C genres and also it’s suited for those who are seeking a simple PHP based open source solutions. Magento was released in 2008 and gained popularity due to its simplicity and features. Our expertise and experience in this field for 10 years will definitely help you to manage your online business effectively using the powerful features of Magento. There are a ton of tools available that lets you to fully customized according to your likings and other incredible features make Magento the one-stop solution for all kinds of eCommerce requirements. Dedicated tools are available to create a display template to showcase products, multiple transaction templates, Multiple sites and store options..etc. Magento also provides modular integration which lets you select only the specific templates that your site requires.

Our Magento Development Services

We offer custom web design along with user interface design. Our expert team creates fluidic navigation which gives an incredible web experience to your site visitors. We also provide real-time management, error reporting and correction with the timely upgrades that are required to maintain the health of your website. For those who require a shopping cart, we integrate that as well in order to ensure that the buyer won’t leave your site without buying anything. Integrating a cart requires a payment gateway. We integrate that as well. Magento supports different currencies so we optimize the payment gateway so that your customers can make a secure and seamless transaction on your website.

Ecommerce websites require special care when it comes to search engine optimization. So we create search engine friendly websites so that your websites get a boost in popular search engines. Since we develop websites from scratch so that your website stands out from the competition. We also analyze the backend matrices so that you get optimum conversion rates that could benefit your business.