5 Reasons why you are so bad at poker!

  Bibin       January 29, 2020

Poker will be the most frustrating game for someone and most favourite game for another. If you are someone who belongs to the first category, you probably wondering why I’m so bad at this game. It is not at all tolerable to fail and lose money consecutively in a raw. It could happen to anyone, even for pro players.

It is not totally wrong to say that it is a game of luck, but it is a mixture of skill and chances. The unpredictability in poker is crazy to even think about. That’s why everyone should keep in mind that poker is just not suitable for weak-minded people. 

Facts are facts, but let’s see the top five reasons why you are so bad at this game.

Bad Luck 

You might be doing the right thing, you might be using the perfect strategy, but yet you lose big time!. It happens to everyone, everyone including the top players in the world. Sometimes you could lose streaks for weeks or a month.

This could probably be bad luck and it’s not just your time. It might even last for months and you will come back with a big bang. But your results are crashing over the last six months continuously, then there is something else that’s going wrong in the backyard. It could be any of the other upcoming reasons.

Become too predictable 

This is applicable in situations where you were winning continuously for a period of time with the same opponents and all of a sudden you seem to lose the game and this goes on and on. If this happens only with the players you’ve been playing before, this possibly because now they know your style and your moves and they are building their own strategy accordingly. Maybe you are not bluffing enough or too much.

Whatever the case, you better watch out for easily predictable moves while playing with the opponents you’ve been playing before.

You are in a pretty difficult game 

You’ve been playing poker for years now and there is no one in your friends or family or none among your whole neighbourhood can beat you. Well, that’s good for you. But, think again, look around your table and ask yourself. Are you good enough to beat these guys? If you have doubts about that, you better find another table that suits you.

It might even accompany bad luck and you happen to be playing with guys better than you. Be on your mind and leave your game at the right time before it ruins you mentally and financially.

You haven’t mastered the fundamentals 

It is compulsory to master the basics of the game completely before putting your real money into poker games. Well, there is so much content on the internet to help you with that. Look for influencers who inspired your favourite players, learn how they become a master in it and build skills and expertise.

None of the pro players was born with poker skills. All of them acquired it over time with dedication and hard work. You can even learn to play online using your smartphone.

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You are playing with your emotions

There is a poker specific word for that called “Tilt” or “Steam”. It happens to many poker players around the world. Sometimes it could be because you are about to lose the game and you become out of your mind with frustration and rage that leads to more losses. Sometimes winning leads to over-excitement and joy that leads to failure in the next game.

Whatever the situation may be, control your emotion and don’t derail from the strategy. Be confident in your skills and try not to play with revenge. There are so many poker players around the world who become bankrupt by losing all of their money playing more games out of frustration after losing a single game.

Figure out errors in your strategy and figure out your opponent's next move by analysing their style. Think logically and calm yourself by walking away from the table and cooling off. If you are a poker lover share it with your friends and family. For developing poker and other cross-platform games, contact us today.