Best VR Games for 2020

  Delina Babu       January 23, 2020

Gaming has come a long way and it was the age of 4K high dynamic range gaming in ultra-high frame rates until 2019. Now get ready for the immersive world of Virtual reality gaming. There are so many VR games available for PlayStations and PCs these days. Let’s see some of the best Virtual reality games you can play in 2020. 

Blood & Truth (PlayStation VR)
The most popular virtual reality headsets in the history of VR games are the PlayStation VR. Blood & Truth is one of the exclusives for PlayStation VR. Blood and Truth can be considered as a playable Guy Ritchie Movie. Stealth components, guns, and car chases, all of these elements make it a banger action-packed adventure game for Playstation’s VR Platform. The game is developed by the same studio behind The Gateway. The main reason to get Playstation VR is Blood & Truth which proves that PlayStation won’t make its fans regret. 

Gran VR mode

Gran Turismo Sport is the best racing game on the planet with its super realistic graphics and gameplay experience.  Authentic cars and real-world locations are the biggest plus points of this game including impressive modes and other twists to keep you occupied. You can sit in the driver seats of hypercars and race through adventures and beautiful locations. 

Firewall: Zero Hour
It is a basic tactical shooting game that you can play with your friends online. It is the very first competitive game in a virtual reality platform. Just like any other fps game you can shoot and suppress enemies, throw grenades, and hide behind bushes, all of these using the Playstation’s VR controller. There is a training mode available where you can practice the controls before entering battle. 

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard VR mode
Resident Evil series is one of the most terrifying and intense games out there in the market. With the addition of VR mode, it gets more intense than it ever was. You would really feel that you are being hunted by a family. Resident Evil can be fully played in VR mode. graphics and intense sound effects make it’s the most intense game in the VR genre. 

Rigs: Mechanized Combat League
It is one of the hybrid games in the VR genre. It is one of the best titles ever released in the VR platform. Fast-paced action sequences are the specialty of this game. Instead of guys in plastic bags, it used mechanized players in paintball fashion but 10x brutal and intense, not just a single player, it also offers an immersive multiplayer mode.

Dirt Rally VR
VR in a fully fledges headset. If that’s what you want, you should pick up Dirt Rally. Dirt rally is available in steam with VR mode or can be bought as an exclusive VR game for Oculus from play store, All the modes in the game can be played with its full visual in the rift VR headset. You can see yourself the dirt, dust, tracks, and leaves on your racing route just like you were sitting in a driver seat with your navigator.

Folks save up your money and buy a VR headset and play these amazing games so that you can experience the immersiveness of these incredible games. So these are the top VR games you can play on PlayStation and Oculus platform. If you find this article interesting do share it among your peers. Don’t forget to read other informative articles from our blog page. Contact us if you have a project that needs help from our game developers.