Stages in game development

Game Development   , 10-08-2017

Game development process has various stages. They are combined and classified into main three stages. 

Lets see each stage in detail.


Pre-production is the initial phase of  game development. This stage is further sub divided into four stages.


Idea is the main source of a game. Each game is unique because of its innovative and creative idea. Game is nothing without an idea. When an idea pops up there are few questions that must be discussed and analysed.

  • What is the game is all about?
  • Why do we want to make such a game?
  • Who is our player?
  • Is this game going to fun ?
  • Will we be able to satisfy the players? What surprises are we going to give the player?
  • If we are going to do a game that is already in stores, then how are we going to make it unique and different from other games?


This is the brain storming session where the people involved in the game start discussing about the game mechanics, main concept or rules of the game, game play, technology, targeted devices, which programming language that suits the platform and time needed to complete the game. Once this is discussed it is documented for a quick game review.


           It is also know as the Story board. It describes the game’s concept and the major gameplay in detail. It includes detailed description of the design for the game. It also includes sketches about the game like how the game is going to look ,what happens in each scene, how the player and enemy is going to look. This document changes each time when the requirement changes.


            It is important to create a playable prototype. Prototype should include the most of the important features we wanted in our game. Changes can be made in prototype according to the design later when the game is in production stage.


This is the main stage of game development. With the architecture designed and prototype created, the team will start with the actual development in this stage. The designers start designing, the programmers starting coding, the animators start making sprites or 3d models that needed for the game and the sound engineers start finding or start making the best sounds for the game.


                  Once the first playable version of the game is available quality analysts     and testers start analyzing and test the game. During testing stage the main bugs or errors are found and reported to the developers. Testing includes alpha and beta testing phases. In alpha testing, the game is exposed to wide range of players to get the feedback about the gameplay and the behavior of the  game in wide range of devices. In beta testing, the game is completely free of bugs and the game is already ready for release. This phase is used to test the performance and make final fixes.



Once the game is completed it is released. To have a continual growth the game updates are very important. If we want live players then we have to prove that the developers of the game are live by giving frequent updates. Each time when a game is updated new and creative things must be included in the game.

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