Why SSL is Important? Benefits of Using SSL Certificate On Your Website

Web Development   , 28-11-2018

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is the backbone of a secure website over the internet. SSL is necessary for protecting your website, which has the online presence, even if it doesn't handle sensitive details like payment methods such as credit cards and so on. It ensures privacy and data integrity for your website and the user’s personal information. SSL certificate in browsers allows creating a secure connection from someone’s browsers to your server, by ensuring the information are secured.

You can analyze if a website secure or not by looking at the URL structure of someone’s website. A website is said to be SSL secure, if URL starts with ”HTTPS” and not secure when it starts with “HTTP”.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secured version of HTTP. “S” stands for ‘Secure’, denotes, all connection between your web browser and the website are encrypted using algorithms.

The Google SSL Update

In 2018, With Google’s Chrome 68 Update, websites that haven’t implemented an SSL Certifications are flagged as “Not Secure” and it will appear in the red text directly before the web address in the URL bar. The bottom line is that, Google is very conscious about users who have trust google as their search engine. However, a site without SSL Certificate will be flagged immediately.

Here are the few reasons why SSL is important and Benefits behind SSL on your website.

 1. Blocks Information Theft / SSL Secure Data

When a User submits information on a website, It usually goes through a number of mediums or channel before it reaches the end party. So there's a huge chance of that information being corrupted, if SSL Certificate is not yet applied. If SSL Certificate is applied for the website, the information is only readable to the intended party. By using encryption algorithms, Information is secured using private key and Nobody can read that information who doesn’t have access to that private key.

 2. Provides Security to Website Visitor

Due to identity theft, Information security is more important than anything across the world. Thus, SSL certificate ensures to keep everyone’s identity informations safe and provide the sense of security to those who visit your website.  

3. Better SERP Ranking

A valid SSL Certificate helps to enhance in boosting  SEO and Digital Marketing performances. This optimize your website and site content performance, when displaying search engine results for your keyword as well.

4. Secure Online Payment

An SSL certificate is essential for any website that accepts payments with encryption of 128- bits. If you have an e-commerce site, you should have to have an SSL certificate installed, if you plan an online payment method.

SSL Installation Steps

The cost of an SSL certificate depends on your hosting providers. To install an SSL on your server follow the steps given below:

  1. Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) - This will determine which server will use your certificate.

  2. Request your SSL certificate.

  3. Provide documents to validate the true owner

  4. Download and Install SSL certificate.

  5. Keep a backup copy of the certificate and store in a secure place.

We believe that, this article has helped you with the information on why SSL certifications are important and described the benefits of using SSL certificate on your website.

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